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Pauliina Valtasaari, Mari Mäntynen
Pauliina Valtasaari

Doctor of Music (D.Mus.)

Orchestra manager (HPO)

Professional supervisor (STOry, FINOD)

Cognitive short-term therapist



I offer professional supervision, coaching, and lectures about occupational wellbeing. My services are targeted specially for people working in arts and culture.


My professional background is in orchestras and small ensembles, where I have worked as a violinist in various positions. Since then, I have moved towards researching occupational wellbeing of musicians’ work from a psychological and social point of view. I have also trained myself to be a professional supervisor and cognitive short-term therapist.


My doctoral thesis is about professional supervision and occupational wellbeing of orchestra musicians. In my research I have developed a supervision method designed for orchestra musicians that takes into account their specific needs and the working culture. I use my supervision method also in other professional fields of music and arts. 


Today I work as an orchestra manager at Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra to focus on musicians' occupational wellbeing and ability and professional development. I also have previous experience of working as an specialist of artists´ wellbeing at Arts Promotion Centre Finland. 

I have served as a president of the Finnish Music Medicine Association

from 2020 to 2023.

My supervision method

My supervision method is cognitive-psychodynamic, with its roots deep in the humanities and psychological research. I am fascinated by the development of the individual’s self-image from early childhood throughout their life, how we build a perception of ourselves as a part of the surrounding world and reality.
In my work I also use various kinds of short-term therapeutic methods that can help the subject to regard their thoughts and experiences from new points of view. As a supervisor I foster discourse and am a sympathetic travelling companion and try to help each of my clients to find individual, practical solutions.

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